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Support the city employees in Memphis TN

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The city of Memphis Fire and Police Dept employees need everyone’s support!! They protect life and property but the city has now taken away all retirees and spouses health benefits, current employees health benefits have gone up 24% (it was a fight to get it down from 57%) and if your spouse can get insurance through their job they are no longer allowed on the city plan. They made a promise to be the ones who run at danger while telling citizen to run away, to run into burning buildings when we are to run out, to snatch us from the grasps of the reaper when he comes for us, but the city of Memphis doesn’t believe they should keep their promise of giving their employees benefits.
This is just the start of a downfall because their next attack is on the pension plan. We can’t let this happen!! Please show your support!!


Possibly the cutest thing in the world!

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